Monday, November 10, 2008

7th Annual women's meeting
Ancient Corinth, Cenchrea
September 30, 2008
My dear sisters and friends,

This last weekend God blessed us with two beautiful days and the most sweet fellowship. We all gathered and spent unforgettable time at a seaside hotel right at the ancient port of Cenchrea in Ancient Corinth. This was the first time we took the decision to have the 7th annual womens’ meeting, Philadelphia 2008, away from Athens. Very difficult to believe and equally true was that the Lord blessed our efforts and the meeting was a source of learning God’s word deeper as well as a time of good fellowship, lot’s of laughter, few hours of sleep, fantastic food and above all showered with spiritual blessings.

Lee Burgess was our teacher this year from Nashville, Tennessee. She brought us closer to the understanding of “God’s will in our life”. She addressed her message to eight different nationalities. Her preparation on this very special theme was absolutely wonderful. Translation was provided in Russian and Greek. Harding university helped us by providing a wireless translation system which we wish to purchase our selves when the Lord allows it.

The women who came from far and close were from Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Phillipines, the United States and Greece. We offered songs and prayers to the Lord. Every nationality took a turn to sing songs in their language. Our mistake, we did not tape it. If there was a competition of harmony, beauty, glorious simplicity, beautiful, fantastic or brilliant offering, we would have a problem of which group to vote.

Our sister Popi, Greek, treated us with a very good lesson on faithfulness and conviction. Sister Mary took us on a history journey to the history and events that took place to the port of Cenchrea during Apostle Pauls departure from this area.
This part of Greece, West Peloponnese, is some of the most beautiful spots in our country. Combined with such a joyful occasion was a brilliant experience and blessing.

We had two more guests from the Unites States as well, Celeste Ortega and Carolyn Hagewood from the Nashville area. Harding university study abroad students honored us with their presence together with their professors, Rebeca Brinley and Tish Elrod.

Plans are already made for our next year’s meeting. September will be the month again.
We are thankful for every one who prayed, worked, sacrificed to make this meeting again possible.
We are greatful and thankful to our Lord for His faithfulness to always meet us where we need Him and bless us

For the sisters in Christ,

Eleni Melirrytos, Athens, Greece

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