Saturday, January 17, 2015

Olive oil harvest season and ...juicing! These are some of them times I feel so alive and nothing in life ....can go wrong. The olive oil and I !





Ready to make orange and lemon marmalade. Just sugar and fruit pulp...and a candy thermometer. No pectin no additives

On the same day I picked some wild greens from the farm and steamed them. Then drizzled the greens with fresh olive oil I had just gotten out of the oil press. Ii picked some lemons off the tree and squeezed it over the warm greens. A lunch made in God's purposes Fresh off the ground, wild greens, olive oil and lemons

10 years ago my aunt planted an avocado tree in the little farm behind the family home in Egion, North Peloponese to please me knowing I loved avocados and always complained how expensive they were. On my last visit to the village I saw again the huge tree and had a talk with it. I started talking to it ready to say that unless it brings forth fruit we will cut it down because it was taking too ...much space. All the above was in my head and before I actually said it...I saw through the leaves realy avocados!! The neighbours had to come out and make sure I was fine because I was so happy and loud! I happy collected about 14 pounds, 7 kgs of avocados. They were large but I had no idea as to whether they were ready to be picked or not. I brought them back to Athens and kept most of them in the refrigerator and put a couple in a paper bag. What do you know? a few days later we had totally organic avocados in our salad...had to tell the story over and over again..and here is your edition.
Lesson aunts intention was to please me...she is gone now and is in Heaven but the fruit of her love is still here. Patience and time just make all the difference in our lives. and I have learned this lesson this time while picking avocados better than ever.